There are over 3 billion people in the world today that live in poverty. Those people are currently living on less than $2.50 per day. Our website has been set-up based on the audacious belief that as a global community, we can help each and every one of those 3 billion people climb out of poverty one-by-one. The idea is simple. There are lots of us that regularly give charitable donations and send gifts to people in need. Sometimes we know where those gifts go however more often than not we don’t and unfortunately it eats away at our confidence in the process. We want to document the stories of 3 billion philanthropic gifts on this website. We want each and every one of those gifts to have the potential to have a transformative impact in the lives of the people that receive that gift. In documenting the journey of each gift we hope that we’re documenting the beginning of 3 billion stories of hope. 3 billion stories of lives changed. 3 billion stories of transformation.

We have three goals:

  • For our friends around the world living in poverty – we want to document 3 Billion Stories of kindness towards you. That’s 3 Billion separate gifts or donations that we want to track to ensure that they actually find their way to you and help set you up for a brighter future.
  • For our charity partners and social enterprises, we want to make it more affordable to chart the journey that donations and charitable gifts take on their way to helping people in need. We want to help you take your corporate governance to the next level whilst also strengthening your relationship with your program participants.
  • For the people who participate in charitable projects we believe that you deeply appreciate seeing where their gift or donation goes. We want to help you connect with the difference you’ve made in a very tangible way. We want you to feel good about yourself and we also want you to have confidence in the legitimacy of our partner organisations.


It couldn’t be simpler. Just click on the button below. Once the new screen opens up you’ll be prompted to enter your “story number”. Simply do this then click the “Track” button.

You’ll be taken to a new page which is dedicated to the story of your donation. Once inside your story you’ll be able to see how it is unfolding. New chapters are written every time the status of your gift changes and you’ll be able to see an event log detailing your gift’s journey. Once it has reached it’s final destination you’ll be able to see a photo of your end recipient. For some gifts monitoring, evaluation and follow-up events will continue to be logged in the system many months (and in some cases years) after your story was started.

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